Rockbag has a large selection of durable bags, hard cases, stands and accessories for guitars, basses, drums, keyboards and other instruments.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest Rockbag reseller in Finland.

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  1. Rockbag Jazzmaster Electric Guitar Case
    SEK 1,363.26
    In stock
  2. Rockbag Tenor Ukulele Black Tolex Case
    SEK 624.34
    In stock
  3. Rockbag Classical Guitar Bag Starline
    SEK 808.79
    In stock
  4. Rockbag Acoustic Guitar Bag Starline
    SEK 836.28
    In stock
  5. Rockbag 3 Guitar Multi Flight Case
    SEK 5,086.42
    In stock
  6. Rockbag Thunderbird Gig Bag Premium
    SEK 1,363.26
    Ask for availability
  7. Rockbag 22695 Rumpukapulalaukku
    SEK 164.97
    In stock
  8. Rockbag 22690 Bassdrum Pedal Bag
    SEK 375.76
    In stock
  9. Rockbag Bassorumpulaukku 22x18
    SEK 870.65
    In stock
  10. Rockbag Tom Bag 18x18
    SEK 706.83
    In stock
  11. Rockbag Tom Bag 10x9
    SEK 357.43
    In stock
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