Modern Electric Guitars

The new era of electric guitars is here! Find the latest models, new innovations and modern tones.

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  1. ESP LTD TE-201 LH Black Satin Left-Handed Electric Guitar
    SEK 6,287.81
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  2. ESP E-II Horizon NT HS Hipshot Amethyst Sparkle Electric Guitar
    SEK 32,652.28
    Ask for availability
  3. ESP LTD EC-1007 Baritone Evertune Black 7-String Electric Guitar
    SEK 22,794.77
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  4. ESP LTD EC-256 Vintage Gold Satin Electric Guitar
    SEK 6,824.44
    Ask for availability
  5. ESP USA V-II FR Lizard Spit Green Electric Guitar
    SEK 53,650.53
    In stock
  6. ESP LTD Iron Cross LH Snow White Left-Handed Electric Guitar
    SEK 18,070.16
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  7. ESP LTD George Lynch Desert Eagle Electric Guitar
    SEK 20,508.29
    In stock
  8. ESP LTD Horizon Custom 87 Pearl White Electric Guitar
    SEK 18,233.48
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