DI Boxes, Switches

Direct boxes, footswitches and pedals to control your amps or other equipment.

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  1. Roland DP-2 Sustain Pedal
    SEK 249.30
    Ask for availability
  2. Quiklok PS-25 Sustain pedal, switchable polarity
    SEK 327.50
    Ask for availability
  3. Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch
    SEK 509.95
    In stock
  4. BOSS FS-5U Foot Switch
    SEK 600.60
    In stock
  5. Roland DP-10 Sustainpedaali
    SEK 634.60
    Ask for availability
  6. Quiklok PSP-125 Sustain Pedal, switchable polarity
    SEK 644.80
    Ask for availability
  7. BOSS FS-5L Foot Switch
    SEK 679.93
    In stock
  8. BOSS FS-7 Dual Foot Switch
    SEK 974.56
    In stock
  9. BOSS FS-6 Dual Foot Switch
    SEK 1,042.55
    In stock
  10. RAPCO Horizon DB-1 Passive Direct Box
    SEK 1,121.88
    In stock
  11. ProCo CB-1 Direct box DI boxi
    SEK 1,201.20
    In stock
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