Istanbul Agop

Istanbul Agop is a legendary Turkish manufacturer of traditional, handmade cymbals. Istanbul has the most musical and versatile selection of cymbals on the market, combining traditional workmanship, modern technologies and brand new innovations.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest Istanbul Agop reseller in Finland.

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  1. Istanbul Custom Series Special Edition Crash 18” Cymbal
    SEK 3,621.05
    Ask for availability
  2. Istanbul Agop Signature China 22” Cymbal
    SEK 6,319.54
    Ask for availability
  3. Istanbul Agop Signature Crash 17” Cymbal
    SEK 3,724.84
    In stock
  4. Istanbul Traditional Jazz Hi-Hat 14” Cymbals
    SEK 4,278.38
    Ask for availability
  5. Istanbul Traditional Jazz Ride 22” Cymbal
    SEK 4,947.23
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  6. Istanbul Cindy Blackman OM Crash 16 Symbaali
    SEK 3,194.36
    Ask for availability
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