Vocal Microphones

Mics for singers, speakers and other vocal use in live events and in the studio. Here you will also find wireless systems and headsets.

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  1. Stagg SDM50 Dynamic Microphone
    SEK 365.51
    In stock
  2. Audix F50 Dynamic Microphone
    SEK 583.89
    In stock
  3. Stagg SUM40 USB Consender Microphone
    SEK 922.55
    In stock
  4. Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone
    SEK 1,156.11
    In stock
  5. Audix OM2 Vocal Microphone
    SEK 1,167.78
    In stock
  6. Audix OM2S Vocal Microphone with a Switch
    SEK 1,401.34
    In stock
  7. Audix OM3 Dynamic Microphone
    SEK 1,646.57
    In stock
  8. Audix OM3S Dynamic Microphon with a Switch
    SEK 1,880.13
    In stock
  9. Audix OM5 Dynamic Microphone
    SEK 1,996.91
    In stock
  10. AKG P220 Condenser Microphone
    SEK 2,102.01
    Ask for availability
  11. Audix HT2 Headset Microphone
    SEK 2,347.25
    Ask for availability
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