EMG F-ALX Signature Halo of Blood Black Pickup Set

EMG-ALX(F) HOB Red/Black screws set, Alexi Laiho Signature Passive Humbucker Pickup with Ceramic Magnet, For Guitars with Floyd Rose Bridge, Floyd Rose Spacing, EMG ABQ EQ/Boost Push/Pull Pot, EMG Solderless Install System, Red, Black Pole Pieces
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EMG F-ALX Signature Halo of Blood: Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Children of Bodom and guitarist, composer and vocalist Alexi Laiho - the F-ALX Signature "Halo of Blood" Set is available in blood-red with your choice of black, chrome or gold pole pieces. This pickup has a wider spacing for guitars with Floyd Rose Bridge.

The Alexi Laiho signature model features a uniquely designed EMG passive humbucker pickup that comes with EMG ABQ EQ/Boost pot. The custom designed ABQ has a 3-band EQ which can be adjusted for creating different tone settings using a push/pull control (to activate/deactivate).

In addition, the preamp output can be adjusted to add or reduce gain to your guitar signal. This pickup and preamp combo was created to fulfill Alexi’s demands for high gain, versatility, and clarity to enhance his distinctive style.

The set is available in a Floyd Rose version (F-ALX) and a standard Tune-O-Matic version (ALX).

1x EMG F-ALX Signature Halo of Blood, Red with Black Poles
1x ABQ EQ/Boost Pot
1x Stereo Output Jack
1 Pair Mounting Screws & Springs
1x Pickup Cable
1x Output Cable
1x Battery Cable
1x Battery Bus

Mer information
Active / PassivePassive
Cable TypeQuick Connect
Cover & ColorRed Cover
ArtistAlexi Laiho
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