EMG ABQ Preamp Pot

High Quality Solderless Preamp / EQ / Boost and Volume Potentiometer, From EMG ALX Alexi Laiho Signature Set - Now Available Separately! Push/Pull Boost with Gain Trim, 3 Dip Switches for Resonant Frequency Adjustment, Quick Connectors, Easy Installation
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659,77 kr

EMG ABQ Preamp is the same pot that comes with Alexi Laiho’s EMG ALX Signature Pickup Set. It functions as a preamp with volume control for passive or active EMG pickups. It offers push/pull boost function with gain trim as well as EQ settings.

The 3-position dip switch allows you to change the resonant frequency at the input to the pre-amp. The frequencies will be different if you use a passive pickup other than the ALX. If you use an Active EMG Pickup the switches will not make any change.

In the Box:
1x EMG ABQ Preamp with Quick Connectors
2x Quick Connect Cables

Input Impedance (Ohms): 500K
Input Noise: -148
Maximum Gain: 20dB
Output Impedance (Ohms): 2K
Current @ 9V (Microamps): 195
Battery Life (Hours): 1500
Maximum Supply (Volts DC): 27

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ArtistAlexi Laiho
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