Audix Microphones is a US-based manufacturer of very popular, high-quality microphones for live and studio use. Their lineup includes vocal, instrument and installation microphones for small and large venues. Audix also has brand new wireless systems aimed at professional use with bands, theaters and orchestras.

Audix OM Series handheld vocal mics are some of the world's best due to their durability, sound quality and pricing. Audix D Series instrument mics are widely used in studios, live venues and by touring bands all over the world.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest Audix Microphones reseller in Finland.

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  1. AUDIX AP41 Band E Wireless System
    5 297,86 kr
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  2. Audix HT2 Headset Microphone
    1 951,84 kr
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  3. Audix APS2 Phantom Power Supply
    1 168,96 kr
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  4. Audix A152 Studio Reference Headphones
    2 252,13 kr
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  5. Audix A150 Studio Reference Headphones
    1 951,84 kr
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  6. Audix MB5050 MicroBoom System Microphone Set
    Special Price 2 761,54 kr Regular Price 5 694,67 kr
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  7. Audix CBLDR25 Microphone Cable 7.6m
    428,97 kr
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