DR Strings Fat Beams FB6-30 (30-125) 6-String Electric Bass String Set

DR Strings
Medium Strings, Compression Wound, Round Core, Gauges 30w 45w 65w 85w 105w 125w
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DR Strings Fat Beams are compression wound to produce fat mids, bright highs, and that distinct edgy Fat-Beam sound.

Hand-made with the finest American stainless steel available, wound on round cores for increased flexibility and tone.

Also work very well with a fretless bass!


  • Tension: Medium
  • Gauges: 30w, 45w, 65w, 85w, 105w, 125w
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Construction: Round Core, Compression Wound
  • Series: Fat Beams
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