DT Bags

Affodrable, easy to carry DT Bags products for electric guitars, steel-string acoustic guitars, classical guitars, basses as well as soprano and concert ukuleles. Available in two series: DT Bags Pro with 20mm cushioning, neck support and weather-proof materials, and easy on the pocket DT Bags Lite with 10mm cushioning.

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  1. DT Bags Lite Soprano Ukulele Bag
    275,17 kr
    I lager
  2. DT Bags Lite Concert Ukulele Bag
    293,14 kr
    I lager
  3. DT Bags Lite Electric Bass Bag
    339,18 kr
    I lager
  4. DT Bags Lite 3/4 Classical Guitar Bag
    327,95 kr
    I lager
  5. DT Bags Lite Classical Guitar Bag
    341,43 kr
    I lager
  6. DT Bags Pro Electric Bass Bag
    598,63 kr
    I lager
  7. DT Bags Pro Classical Guitar Bag
    619,97 kr
    I lager
  8. DT Bags Pro Acoustic Guitar Bag
    662,64 kr
    I lager
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