Japanese ESP Guitars is one of the world's leading manufactuers of guitars and basses. ESP Guitars are #1 among players of heavy music genres and are known worldwide for their modern, high quality instruments.

ESP respects many of their artists with unique signature models, including numerous renowned musicians such as James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, George Lynch, Alexi laiho, Stephen Carpenter, Jeff Hanneman, Tom Araya, Ron Wood, Will Adler, Gary Holt, Head and many more.

ESP guitars and basses are made in Japan, including ESP Custom Shop, ESP E-II and ESP Edwards. In 2014, ESP USA started a small-scale production of handcrafted models in California.

When you want an instrument made to your exact specs, look no further and contact us! Together with ESP Custom Shop, we will make your dreams come true.

To make it possible for every player to own a high-quality ESP guitar or bass, ESP also manufactures the affordable and very popular ESP LTD Series that includes a wide selection of instruments with great value for money. The latest addition to our selection is the GrassRoots by ESP series, offering classic budget models.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest ESP Guitars dealer in Finland.

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  1. ESP KH-2 Vintage Electric Guitar
    65 130,19 kr
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  2. ESP KH-2 Neck Thru Black Electric Guitar
    53 674,28 kr
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  3. ESP Iron Cross Snow White Electric Guitar
    66 590,25 kr
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  4. ESP 45th Anniversary Banner
    550,33 kr
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  5. ESP USA M-II NTB FR SD Teal Marble Electric Guitar
    44 913,88 kr
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  6. B-STOCK ESP LTD H3-1000 Black Turquoise Burst Electric Guitar
    Special Price 10 546,17 kr Regular Price 11 725,45 kr
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