Audix MicroPod 18 System Goose Neck Microphone Set

Includes Audix M1250B Microphone, 45cm Flexible Goose Neck Arm and Table Top Mount, Hypercardioid, Frequency Response 80Hz-20kHz, RFI Immunity
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Audix MicroPod™ Series is a modular system consisting of the M1250B miniature condenser microphone combined with either a 6 12 or 18 inch Install Sound > Install Microphones > Gooseneck. Designed for applications such as presentations meetings and teleconferencing the MicroPod™ Series is known for clarity immunity to RF excellent sound quality and ease of operation. The MicroPods have the ability to accurately capture and reproduce vocals from a comfortable distance.

The MicroPod™ Series is characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern helping to isolate the speaker from other ambient noise in the room or on the stage. The MicroPods are also available with a hypercardioid polar pattern (models MicroPod6HC MicroPod12HC and MicroPod18HC) for tighter pick-up control. With a wide frequency range of 50 Hz - 19 kHz the MicroPods will provide natural sound with exceptional transient response.

One of the advantages of the The MicroPod™ is that the Install Sound > Install Microphones > Gooseneck can be utilized with any of the microphones from the Micros™ Series allowing for more flexibility and a broad range of applications. The MicroPod™ Series which is often used in conjunction with the Audix ATS-10 table stand with lighted on-off switch may also be used on a standard mic stand when used with the DClip mic stand adapter.

The MicroPod™ Series features a machined brass microphone with integrated mic preamp field replaceable capsule high quality Install Sound > Install Microphones > Gooseneck terminating in a standard XLRm and a variety of optional accessories. The MicroPod™ Series require 18 - 52 Volts phantom power and are available in a non-reflective black matte finish.


  • Pulpit, podium
  • Conference room
  • Board meetings
  • Courtroom
  • Education


1 x MicroPod™ Which Consists Of The M1250B Microphone Combined With 18" Goosenck
1 x TM1218 Flange Table Mount
1 x WS1218 External Windscreen

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