EMG BTC System

High Quality Solderless Bass EQ System for EMG Active Pickups with Quick Connectors, 2-Band EQ, Includes 1x Balance (Blend), 1x Master Volume, 1x Bass/Treble Concentric Pot, Accessories
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For EMG pickups only, the BTC System features a pre-wired balance control (blend) and master volume with the bass and treble on a concentric pot. BTC Controls and Systems are the most widely used bass EQ Systems in the world. Approximately 12db of cut and boost are available for bass and treble and all controls are center detented to assure quick return to normal tone settings. A dual-dip switch is mounted to the PC Board that lets you program the high end frequency response four different ways so you can choose the sound that's right for you. These systems use the latest in surface mount technology, are extremely quiet, and require very little current from a 9 Volt battery.

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Active Balance Control (B125)

The ABC Control (B125) is designed for EMG-HZ Passive Pickups. It allows loss-free  balance between two pickups and has a center detent in the middle position. If you are using EMG Active pickups, you will want to use the B118 Active Balance Control instead of the B125 which features low impedance inputs for lower noise.

1x BTC Control (B170) 2-band equalizer for Bass guitar

The BTC features single-pole filters for broadband equalization. Often the broader single-pole filters are preferred for musical instruments because they are less selective, easier on the ear, and sound more “musical”. One of the features of the BTC Control is a 2-position dip-switch that controls the slope of the high frequency response. By choosing one of the four combinations the high frequency response can be tailored to your liking. The BTC Control has a high input impedance and can be used with active or passive pickups. Bass and Treble controls are mounted on a concentric shaft and knobs are included.


  • 1x EMG BTC Control 2-band EQ Concentric Knob
  • 1x EMG ABC Control Balance/Blend Pot
  • 1x Master Volume Pot
  • 1x Output Jack
  • 1x Battery Buss
  • 1x Battery Clip
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