DR Strings Lo-Rider Custom (65-130) Electric Bass String Set

DR Strings
DR Custom (065-130) Strings for Low Tunings, Round Wound, Hex Core, Custom Gauges 65w 85w 105w 130w
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515,50 kr

DR Strings Lo-Rider Custom: This round-wound, hex core electric bass set offers custom gauges for lower tunings, very accurate harmonics, great consistency and string-to-string balance.

They provide more depth of tone and are a bit stiffer than the DR Strings Hi-Beams.

Bass players who are into slapping, popping and tapping will love the high end and depth of Lo-Rider strings.


  • Tension: Custom
  • Gauges: 65w, 85w, 105w, 130w
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Construction: Hex Core, Round Wound
  • Series: Lo-Rider
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