Loota Percussion Performer Cajon Set Bundle

Loota Percussion
Perfect Loota Set Including Everything You Need! Includes Loota Percussion Performer Drum Set, DG De Gregorio Cajon Pedal, Regal Tip Brushes, Istanbul Xist Ion Brilliant 10" Splash Cymbal and Drumpet Drum Rug! Colors: Coal Black, Cocoa Bean or Wild Cherry
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Loota Percussion Performer Cajon Set Bundle
Loota Percussion Performer Cajon Set Bundle

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8 239,61 kr


    Buy the super-popular Loota Performer Cajon Set as a ready-to-play bundle and save real money!

    We compiled this set that includes everything you need. Just pick the color you like!

    Musamaailma Loota Percussion Performer Bundle includes: 

    Loota is a unique cajon-based drum set with tasty percussion sounds for all acoustic music needs. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around! Create punchy rhythms, add flavor to a larger composition or solo your heart out!

    Loota is designed and handmade of 100% Finnish Birch.

    Loota can be played with soft drumsticks or brushes. Just throw in a cable drum pedal and kick the cajon for bass!

    Loota is a perfect drum set when you need quieter drum sounds or lighter touch on acoustic gigs.

    Loota Performer Cajon Drum
    Loota 12" Snare
    Loota Crasher
    Cymbal Arm
    Gig Bag

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